Fridays are a great day for some ‘thank you’ shout-outs. Today I want to recommend (and thank!) three Christian blogs worth checking out.

Shout-Out Numero Uno

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Big, big thanks to Ariel over at, who was gracious to publish my piece, Befriending Our Trials a few weeks back (now also published here on my site too). Ariel created Kaleoscope for the purpose of bringing together, “diverse Christians, from all walks of life, to find and share their voices by bringing their Biblical perspectives to one collaborative space.” Cool, huh?

Shout-Out Numéro Deux

A few weeks after that, the kind folks over at picked up Befriending from Kaleoscope and also ran it on their site, so a big THANK YOU to them as well.

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If you’re not familiar with The Aquila Report, they curate posts from across the Christian blogosphere, “primarily for and about those in the evangelical and confessional wings of the Presbyterian and Reformed family of churches.”

Shout-Out 第三

Then this week Apryl over at featured me and ThyKingdomComma on her list of “OVER 175 CHRISTIAN BLOGS THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS.” A big, heartfelt THANK YOU to Apryl for including TKC. Naturally, I would encourage you to be sure to check out for great tips to help you, “Spend Less. Save More. Live to the Fullest.”

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And Saving the Best for Last…

You’re here because you value the written word, so I also want to give the biggest shout-out to… YOU! It’s thoughtful readers like you who stir writers and bloggers like me to want to continually craft worthwhile and engaging quality christian blogs and websites content for you to interact with and enjoy.

Please take a moment to visit each of these kind folks, and when you do, leave a comment and let ’em know where you heard about them.

Have a blessed weekend, see you next week!


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