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The story of Thy Kingdom Comma is a simple one: It’s the story of one man discovery that his “one talent coin” is writing. Wanting to invest it for eternity rather than burying it, he starts a blog. Lord willing, he’ll publish another book, too. In the meantime, new posts appear every Monday and Thursday.

So What is Thy Kingdom Comma?

Thy Kingdom Comma is an evangelical Christian blog encouraging Christians in their a biblical worldview, commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to active participation in the furtherance of His Kingdom through Great Commission living. Or, as the tagline says, a Christian blog about Everyday Life, Eternal Life, & Everything in Between.

Who is Writing These Posts?

Unless otherwise noted, posts are written by Anthony Russo.

Anthony earned his master’s in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice Seminary & University. He is also pursuing certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. He is also the author of Pleasant Places: Short Essays on the Christ Life.

Because Anthony believes Christians should be thinking and discerning people, like the Bereans in Acts 17, it’s important you know what he believes so you can discern for yourself.

Anthony is an evangelical born-again Christian, committed to traditional positions on the triune God, the deity of Christ, salvation by faith alone in Christ alone, and the inspiration, inerrancy, and sufficiency of Scripture.

Being Baptist, he agrees with The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith and affirms the Baptist Faith & Message (2000). At the same time, he also holds a fellowship-in-principle relationship with those brothers and sisters in Christ who affirm the Westminster Confession instead, or most folks who fall under the umbrella of evangelical Christianity. Anthony strongly opposes the word-faith prosperity (false) gospel and modern “easy-believism” Christianity that has become the hallmark of many “seeker-sensitive” churches.

Anthony and his wife have been married since 2007 and are members at Grace Baptist Church in Taylors, South Carolina. When he’s not reading or writing, Anthony also makes a living as a both an insurance agent and real estate agent.

Why “ThyKingdomComma”?

Because all the good Christian blog names were taken. 😉

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