Full-time commission and full-time ministry are closer cousins than one might think. Both can have you rejoicing in the morning and stabbed in the back in the afternoon. How’s a believer supposed to react to deep and sudden disappointment? Fresh from the experience myself, I have some ideas.

A recent Monday morning unraveled quickly. By 10am it seemed like forever since I was had my coffee and was reading my Bible. I had been played. Someone called me about something and in my naivety and desire to be helpful, I fell for it. Sometimes it’s good to be in company with Bible heroes, but not this time. Joshua got duped by the deceiving Gibeonites. Hezekiah showed the Babylonian envoys the treasures. And now I, too, forgot  my Lord’s warning and got tramped by the swine who didn’t much appreciate my pearls.

The temptation to become bitter, brooding, and sulking was real. For once I didn’t do what I would normally do, and let it ruin my entire day and make those I love want to stay clear of my far-swung mood. No, this time–only by the grace of God, I assure you–did I do what I’m supposed to do as a Christian: I thought theologically about the situation; and before it got out of hand, I preached to myself.

I went to my office white board and wrote:

Things to Remember When I Have a Knife in My Back

And then I begin to think biblically about my situation and come up with as many truths as I could, things I needed to remember to keep the situation in context, honor God, and be able to leave it at the white board and at His Feet.

I’ll post what I wrote in a follow-up post (it’s by no means an exhaustive list!), but before I do, let me ask you: What would you have listed under that heading?

ganzo knife stuck on wood stump
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