An Update on My Mostly Social Media-less Life

Back on May 13, 2019 I posted about how I deleted or deactivated almost all of my social media accounts (you can read all about it here). I thought you might be curious to know how things are going a month and a half later. To give a quick recap, here are the actions I took on various social media accounts and pages:

  • Facebook: Deactivated, not officially Deleted (yet)
  • Facebook Business Pages: Also Deactivated.
  • Instagram: Deleted
  • LinkedIn: Keeping
  • MySpace: Keeping (just kidding)
  • Twitter: Deleted

First, a point of correction: I thought I deleted my Twitter account. To my surprise, I signed on a week ago and all of my stuff was still there, so apparently somehow it didn’t actually get deleted. Still, I went a month without knowing or being on there (though I do remember clicking some random Twitter links over the last month to read someone’s tweet).

Long-term Forecast: 50% chance I’ll be back on Twitter regularly. Despite Twitter‘s disgusting bias and bans (shadow and not so shadow) of conservatives, pro-life ministries, and some Christians, I enjoy the people and the humor parody accounts I follow, so I might still check in from my laptop, but it’s not on my phone.

For the most part, I’ve stayed off Facebook. It’s not on my phone and I don’t check it on my other devices, nor do I miss it. I did sign on a few times to check out the FB page of a business, an event, or something for sale on FB Marketplace. For those things it’s helpful and I miss it, but for the day to day time suck and drama, not at all. It’s also very liberating when telemarketers call me about how they can improve my FB business traffic and I tell them, “Yeah, I’m not interested; I’m not on FB.”

magic 8-ball says "as I see it yes"
Magic 8-Ball, Will I Probably Get Sucked Back onto Facebook?
(image courtesy of greeblie, used under creative common license)

Long-term Forecast: 75% likely to stay off Facebook. Technically I think since I signed back on to Facebook they re-enabled my account and visibility, but I just deactivated again so I won’t appear in peoples’ searches. I will admit that in the days we live in, and especially as a blogger where sharing to social media is key, being on Facebook feels as much a necessity as having a car. But if I can stay off it, I’m determined to.

Even when I was in social media workshops learning about it, I still never saw the allure of Instagram. This one is the no-brainer of the group.

I understood Instagram and its popularity as much as this guy does, maybe less.

Long-term Forecast: 99.9999% likely to stay off Instagram. (Hey, never say never, right?)

In the absence of the others, and because of my own active job search, my LinkedIn use as gone up exponentially. ButLinkedIn is like one big conference call that’s gone on way too long. It’s super boring and usually only a few blowhards are the ones doing all the talking. Still, for now several times I day I lean back and listen in to see what everyone is still blathering on about, or if someone’s asking me a question, and–satisfied I’m missing nothing–I go back to my regularly scheduled life.

LinkedIn to me is like one big conference call that’s gone on way too long.

Long-term Forecast: 51% likely to stay on LinkedIn. Even after the Lord provides a new job, I’ll likely keep my account active. Like a real conference call, those I’m connected with don’t really know I’m on there now. I’m lurking on “mute” so no one’s going to notice if I drop-off the conversation early.

Overall, I really love not being on social media. Yes there are inconveniences to adjust to, but I feel like the connection was severed and I was unplugged from the Matrix.

What about you? Have you changed your social media habits? Cancelled any accounts? Share your love/hate relationship with social media in the comments below.


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