Author: Anthony Russo

Thomas Watson: Christ’s Intercession Works for Good

Below is a selection from Puritan pastor Thomas Watson’s exposition on Romans 8:28. A friend from church let me come over and take my choice of books a client had given her to give away. I’m grateful to the client and to her, and to the Lord, who put another of Watson’s work in my […]

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Where are the Mentors?

I’ll admit it: I need mentors. The culture here in America celebrates internal motivation over outside mentors, afterall we’re the birthplace of Nike® and its slogan-mantra, Just Do It®. As a product of my culture, I can see many areas of my life where I’m sufficiently self-motivated and don’t need a helpful nudge. That may […]

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Why I Don’t Celebrate Easter

I’m a Christian, but I don’t celebrate Easter. I don’t mark Good Friday or any of Holy Week. And when the time rolls around again, I don’t much celebrate Christmas either. Frankly, in some ways I wish no Christians did. I’m not one of those “Christmas trees are bad because Babylonians worshipped trees” kind of […]

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