Category: Thinking Biblically

[Reading Leviticus] The Drama of Aaron’s Sacrifice

Do you struggle to pay attention reading through Leviticus? Last week I posted about how we can do more than simply “get through” it. Today I want to share an Aha! moment I had reading through Leviticus again last week. For all the times I’ve read Leviticus over the years, I never noticed the drama […]

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Falling Into Bizarroworld: When Relationships Fail

It started with one of those one-off, seemingly insignificant, offenses. The kind where you-know-you-should-have-but-you-didn’t. Like not letting someone merge in front of you in traffic because, well, you just didn’t. Only this isn’t cars in gridlock. It’s flesh and blood. Heads and hearts and emotions. You can’t believe it, but months have passed. The raw […]

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