Friday Extra: This & That

pug dog wrapped in blanket

Fridays just seem like a good day for a pug photo, don’t they? Truth be told, I kinda feel like my post yesterday was a bit of a downer. I think it’s an important post for anyone struggling and asking why a relationship has eroded so badly, and where to go from there. At the same time, I wish I’d posted it on a Monday so we didn’t run through the weekend with it. Live and learn.

So, instead, I thought post a few links and a video that have caught my attention this week.

When is home staging just plain deception? As a real estate agent, I’ve seen and heard some interesting ways agents, ahem, “touch up” their listing photos. I remember showing a house where we had no idea from the photos in the MLS that there were power lines running across the back yard. Totally deceptive. It’s one thing to stage a home with borrowed furnishings, but what about Photoshopping them into the photo? Coloring the brown grass green? Idyllic purple sunsets? This week The Wall Street Journal ran a piece about it here. What do you think?

A Staggering Amount of Knowledge is available to each of us, and much of it is completely free. (a cool site on its own merit) has a list of six online course websites. The courses range from …well, trust me, they have just about anything anyone would ever want to learn from their couch. If free learning’s your thing, don’t forget to visit your local library. Libraries offer so much content online now through partners like Hoopla and Overdrive. This week alone I’ve borrowed and read just about every book Chris Guillebeau (“The $100 Startup” and others) has written.

Clash of the Global Titans. Check out this 1-minute video showing how the rankings for the Top 15 Global Brands have changed over the last decade. (Technically this video starts at 2010, and 2019 has just begun, so not quite a decade, but still…wow!)

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Happy Friday. Lord bless you this weekend. Pray for your pastor.

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