Small Changes, Big Results

I admit, I look for the “big wins” when I need to change something. When it’s time to tweak the family budget, I look for the obvious expense that can be cut. When I set out to lose weight last year, I wondered how I could drop 25 pounds in an hour. (OK, that was unrealistic. I would’ve settled for a whole day.) I’m prone to dismiss the small changes. The truth is, those small changes often yield big results.

Keystroke of Genius

Take, for example, a small tweak that will be in the next version of the website engine software, WordPress. WordPress is the tool that ThyKingdomComma runs on. The other day I read about changes expected to be in the next release. Now before your eyes gloss over from geek-aversion, hang with me! I think even you might find it geeky cool! Here’s the quote from,

The new WordPress [,,,] editor is much faster than the older [one…] 

WordPress 5.2 addressed that with significant performance improvements. 

It will now shave 35% off the load time for massive posts. WordPress 5.2 will also cut the keypress time in half, which would make it feel way more responsive when you are typing.

(emphasis added)

Did you catch that oh so small but oh so significant detail? Someone thought of tweaking the software to recognize key presses 50% faster so it will feel more natural to users typing in information. That is greek brilliance!

It’s a real issue too. My wife uses a software program at her job that just had a major upgrade. This “upgrade” has caused numerous things that used to work fine to not work as well anymore. You know what her biggest complaint is? There’s a lag time between when she types something in and when the system acknowledges it on the screen.

Her software may require other solutions, but you get the point: Most of us would never think of making the tiny change of cutting keypress time in half to speed up an entire software application. Small change, big difference!

Margin of Error

Another quick example: If an airplane is supposed to fly in a particular path to get from New York to Miami. But the pilot isn’t paying attention to his heading and lets it veer just one degree off course. This is easily corrected if caught quickly enough, but the longer the plane travels in the errant heading, the wider the gap. Eventually, the plane may be hopelessly off course and either run out of fuel over water or have to make an emergency landing way out in Texas. Small change, big difference!

Cradle to Grave

The Bible cautions us about small things that make a big difference too:

But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death. (James 1:14,15 ESV)

Today’s Opportunities are Tomorrow’s Victories

Today, let’s you and I be thinking of small, creative ways we can work smarter not harder. What is one thing that you maybe thought was a dumb idea to be more efficient or solve a problem because it seemed so insignificant? Why not try it? And, spiritually, what is one small way you and I can love the Lord more, serve others better, and aim to sin less today?

Small changes, big difference!

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