The Building Blocks of Civilizations Remind Us the Bible is True

Despite scientific theories, that every society seemed to know about bricks and mortar is further proof the Bible is true.

The Bible is true and trustworthy, no matter what those incredible nature documentaries say.

Recently my wife and I were watching a documentary on the national parks of Colorado. It discussed four parks in particular, highlighting the unique geography of each. One valley is the size of Connecticut! From “a rainbow of red” as they called one park, to golden sand dunes rising 700ft high, the scenery was breathtaking.

Their lame evolution-based explanations of how it all came to be, however, were not.

But one detail they ignored caught my attention: that the pueblo structures in one park were built with brick and mortar. The photo with this post is of those same pueblos, built around 1200 AD.

Wait a minute, I said. How is that every civilization around the world came up with the idea of baking clay into bricks and setting them with mortar?

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