Social Media Update #3

Ed. Note: I first wrote about my desire to unplug from social media here, and then an update in May here. Here’s another update.

Well, I finally did it. I finally, officially, pulled the plug on my Twitter account. I’d been pretty disgusted with Twitter for about a month now, but I kept hanging on and checking in, like constantly watching train wrecks.

Reason 1: The Saints

Over the last month or so I’ve gotten so tired of my brothers and sisters in Christ (whom I love) talking non-stop about certain false teachers, women preachers, the evils of the latest incarnation of the social justice movement, Is Kanye really a Christian?, Trump is a devil/hero (we Christians are not agreed about him, apparently), etc.

Yes, most (not all) of these are important issues. But, sorry, I just don’t care that much. I don’t need to see all this stuff in my Twitter feed every day, twenty-hundred times, over and over and over…

Look, I like you enough to follow you on Twitter because you usually tweet things more edifying than divisive, and I love you as a brother or sister in Christ, but, and I mean this in love, take a chill pill. And if someone is 99% a brother or sister in Christ who would be willing to be arrested or burned at the stake with you for Christ, show them some grace, ya know? Maybe the Lord has blessed you that you are further in your sanctification than they are. (Then again, maybe you’re not.) Either way, our Lord say commanded, “Love one another”. Yes we must call out the wolves and the heretics, but among saints, we need to get busy doing a lot more loving one another in front of the social media world than we are.

Reason 2: The Sinners

But then also, Twitter itself is just such a cesspool. I usually see at least one topic trending that is offensive, crude, etc. but I’ve also noticed it is often especially so on Sundays. This morning before church I signed in and trending was some hashtag about sexting and something else I don’t remember but was equally crude. I didn’t have to click on the feed to see what was happening, of course, but just to have those topics lodge in my head and heart was enough. I felt like my morning was, well, defiled, ya know?

So, not only did I deactivate my profile but I deleted the password out of my password keeper. Technically I have 30 days to get my profile back and I can easily click the “I don’t remember my password” link, but I’m hoping that I’ll just move on and forget about it. Incidentally, while I was on a cleaning jag, I also deleted my (already deactivated) Facebook credentials from said password manager. And I LinkedOut from LinkedIn, a site I never liked or found value in anyway.

Reason 3: The Heart of the Issue

My South African friend taught me a pithy phrase when he was street preaching, The heart of the issue is the issue of the heart. I know that I sound like I’m blaming everyone else, blaming Twitter, blaming Facebook, blaming LinkedIn… I’m not. They certainly didn’t do anything to help sway me to stay, but ultimately they’re not the reason I finally had to fully unplug. It’s not so much those external things but in me, in my heart. Really, I just don’t need my head or heart filled with a lot of the controversies or sludge out there. But then also, social media sites make it too tempting to post or say something just for the coveted Likes, at least for me they do. And I just don’t want that.

Description, Not Prescription

I am in no way saying any Christian who chooses to be on social media is weak or in sin. Absolutely not. I’m just telling you why for me, although I’ve tried all kinds of ways of using social media sites for good it’s just a giant dumpster fire. They just keep polluting my heart with stuff that isn’t edifying. My wretched heart produces enough junk on its own in any given day, so it’s not like it really needs the help. Like Keith Green said, “I want to be more like Jesus”. The time and effort of this modern digital life doesn’t contribute positively to that goal. My best friend, who is the same age as me, doesn’t have any social media accounts, and he never has. It’s time for me to give his way a shot.

But I’m not going to take up liking sports, as he does. I have my principles. 😉

How about you? How do you control your time and energy when it comes to social media? How do you guard your heart? Or maybe you pulled the plug too? Or, maybe for you it’s not social media but something else that you finally said, “Yeah, this garbage has to go.” Drop me a note in the comments.

Til next time…

December 2019: Well, having said all that, I had a question for a friend in another country who I only contact through Facebook, so…I signed back in to FB this month. Also, because the rest of the world is out there, I re-published the FB page for ThyKingdomComma. I’m not trying to promote myself or the blog but, realistically, you can’t fish in a desert. If I’m going to through the effort to keep a blog, it seems counterintuitive to make it hard to find by leaving it off the #1 social media website on the Internet. To quote Michael Corleone, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”


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