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One thing I’d like to do from time to time is support other Christian writers and podcasters who are using their writing or podcasting gifts elsewhere on the web by sharing their work. Below are some recent blog posts from around the web that I’ve enjoyed which I think Thy Kingdom Comma readers will too.

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Summarized

Pastor Tom Hicks over at AskThePastor offers a very helpful summary of the famous Puritan work The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs. I appreciate the time it took him to summarize the 20 points into a concise (and easy to read) form.

Danger: Busy-ness and Stress-Eating Temptation Ahead

Scott at HisLightShines! shares his own daily life struggle and the pressures of a busy weekend ahead. What I enjoyed especially is how he preaches to himself with Scriptures (just like we talked about in this week’s podcast, if you haven’t yet checked it out).

The Christian Journey is Not Meant to Be Walked Alone

Daniel Olushola writes at TGC AFrica of the 3 Perils of the Isolated Christian Walk. As someone who is prone to withdrawing when discouraged or struggling, this was a good reminder to actually do the exact opposite.

A New Stage of Parenting: Starting Devotions with Your Little Ones

I’m not a parent of little ones; in fact, I’m not a parent at all, if that’s not already apparent. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) But if you are, and you’re wondering when or how to have family devotions with your toddlers, Pastor Raef Chenery offers readers a glimpse into the new stage of parenting he and his wife have entered as they have begun to have daily devotional time with their little ones.

On Christian Blogging – I can Relate

I only discovered this brother’s blog today. His name is Joshua Nelson and he took a break from blogging for a pretty good reason: He became a dad. But he also shares his struggle with starting to feel the pull for the approval of man. It’s a constant struggle for all of us Christian bloggers. We write to be read, but at what point do we begin to trip into self-promotion? Anyway, he’s back writing at TheSidebarBlog, so I thought he deserved a link-to for encouragement.

1 Down and 14 to Go

No link for this one, just a parting word of thanks. By God’s grace I made it through my first week’s assignments in this new semester’s classes towards finishing my MDiv.

Why is Church Administration Important?

This time around I’m taking Church History II and Church Administration. Church Administration is often seen as a “necessary evil,” but as my professor points out, nothing that pertains to the people or things of God should be considered in any way “evil.” While church administration may cause more eye-rolls than skipped-beats of joy in many pastors, here’s part of my first week’s assignment, where I gave three reasons why church administration is important:

  1. Church administration is the necessary human activity—the management, leading, delegating, processes, etc.—necessary to organize and mobilize the local church in fulfilling its duties. Those duties are first to God, then to the care and shepherding of his people, and thirdly to the lost world in which it exists.
  2. Church administration is important as the means to fulfill the Great Commission outwardly (missions/evangelism/discipleship), and also for the proper conduct of worship internally, “all things be done decently and in order” 1 Cor 14:40.
  3. Church administration is obviously important because it is important to God. It was God, after all, who “gave…[leaders]” to the church. And to what wise purpose? “…For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ” (Eph 4:11,12).

Have a good weekend. New podcast drops Monday! Next episode we’ll give 6 Ways to Biblically Counsel Ourselves Besides the Scriptures.

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